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Our Extension Types

The amount of hair you'll need is determined by:

  • The volume (or thickness) of your natural hair
  • The length of your natural hair & how long you're hoping to go
  • Your haircut

For example, if you have thick short hair and you want to achieve length, you will likely need a full head of extensions. We'll break down each type for you so you can get a better idea of what might be suitable for you!

1/2 HEAD

The half head is typically for those who mostly want volume. It's perfect if you have fine hair that is naturally quite long. The best part about a half head is that you get the benefits of having extensions, with less blow dry and styling time. It's not a volume that works for everyone, but for some it's just the perfect amount of oomph! 


 3/4 HEAD

The 3/4 head is our most popular volume of hair. It works for most people and definitely makes an impact. We can blend most cuts with a 3/4 head, especially if your hair is fine to regular thickness. You can achieve both length and volume with this baby!


Full Head

The full head has the most volume and it's for people with super thick short or medium length hair who are aiming to achieve significant length. If you have a blunt bob and your hair is thick, you will more than likely need a full head to make it all blend. It's a lot of upkeep to have a full head, but the results are 100% certified mermaid!


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*These example are for demonstration purposes only. A full consultation is necessary to determine the exact amount of hair and other processes required for each individual client.