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Why Your Extensions Have Changed Colour

Why Your Extensions Have Changed Colour

Make sure you're protecting your hair even when Vacation Mode is engaged - sunny destinations and long days on the beach can cause discolouration & dryness on your hair and extensions. We've got some tips to help prevent any hair disasters and what you can do to fix it on the go.

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How to Dye Your Hair Blonde for Summer

How to Dye Your Hair Blonde for Summer

Ok, yes - we're still in spring, but if you want beachy blonde hair for summer, the work starts like, last week. Your stylist should always prioritize your hair's health, so the lightening process should be gradual to preserve your hair's integrity. For a big change, expect multiple sessions (we can't all be like Kim K at the Met) and just know that we sometimes have to go through multiple shades to get your version of 'the perfect blonde'.

Brown to blonde hair transformation

What to Expect

Your stylist will want to know where your hair currently is and where you want to go. Gathering inspo photos is always the first step to communicating your hair goals to your stylist. 

1. Find a stylist you love (you can check ours out here) 

2. Take photos of your hair in natural light and send those over to your sylist, along with the inspo pics.

3. Scroll Pinterest to find pictures of hair colours that you love. We've created boards on our Pinterest profile - a great place to start!

3. Book a colour consultation to get a better idea of which service you should book, as well as some estimated costs.

4. Hydrate and strengthen your hair before your blonding journey begins. We recommend doing an in-salon Olaplex treatment and using a deep conditioning treatment weekly. We love Evo's The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask

You can also get blonder looking hair with less damage by using extensions! Your stylist can focus on primarily lightening your ends and the extensions can do all the transformational heavy lifting. It's a great hack to get dramatic changes with less damage. 

Woman with long blonde hair 

How Much Does Going Blonde Cost?

We hate to say it, but the cost of going blonde varies so much that we can't really give a 'one size fits all' answer. The easiest way to estimate the cost of going blonde is by how dramatic the transformation is. If it's a big change, the cost of the service(s) is much likely to be higher. 

If you have box dye in your hair or your hair is naturally very dark, you will require multiple sessions to get dramatic results. That's not to say that you won't see a change in one session though! Your stylist can get a good idea of how much they can achieve in one session by doing a 'strand test'. This is where they do a test on a small piece of hair to see how it lifts. We charge $25 for this, but it is deducted off the cost of your service if you decide to book in.  

Book in for a colour consultation today by clicking here. We can walk you through the entire process and help you make all your hair dreams come true!

**Colour services in images above performed by Ivette. 

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Hello Edmonton!

Hello Edmonton!

We are so excited to announce that our extensions are now available outside of Vancouver. It's even more exciting that our first salon partnership is in Janelle's hometown, Edmonton!

Salon Blunt Logo

Both our semi-permanent and clip in extensions are now available at Salon Blunt in downtown Edmonton. Their team of stylists completed our 2 day workshop and their extension installs on day 2 looked absolutely incredible. Check out the models below:

Models with hair extensions in Edmonton


For all extensions appointments at Blunt, consultations are required. A consultation takes 15-30 minutes and allows the stylist to explain the method to you, determine if its suitable for your hair and lifestyle, and allows them to give you an accurate pricing estimate. You can book your consultation by emailing them here.


Once you and your stylist have determined that our extensions will work for you, you'll do a colour match and discuss the amount of hair required and length. Our extensions come in 2 lengths: 16" and 20". If your hair is shoulder length and you just want some volume or a bit of length, you'll be best suited to 16". If you want some epic mermaid hair, you'll be going for the 20"!

For the amount of hair, we go by 3 volumes: 1/2 head, 3/4 head and full head. This is the weight of hair that will be installed to achieve your desired results. Your stylist will determine this based on your natural hair length and volume. Most clients can achieve their goals with a 3/4 head but there are always multiple variables at play. Here are some examples:

  • You have short, thick, blunt hair and want long hair to the base of your ribs - Full head, 20"
  • You have shoulder¬†length,¬†fine hair and you just want volume - 1/2 head, 16"
  • You have longish, average thickness hair but want more length - 3/4 head, 20"¬† hair

When it comes to colour, you'll want to be at your desired shade before the extensions are installed. If you're on a journey to blonde, wait until you get there before being colour matched. It's easy to tone extensions, but we don't recommend lightening them as it can compromise the integrity of the hair. We want your investment in our premium hair to last!

Once you have picked a length and settled on a colour, you will pay for the hair and book your install appointment. Let the fun begin!


On the day of your installation appointment you should arrive with clean, dry hair. Your stylist will measure each row and place them strategically based on your haircut, volume, density and styling preferences. 

The extensions will then be cut to blend seamlessly into your natural hair and styled so you can hit the town! During the install your stylist will give you the aftercare document so you can ask any questions you may have as you read through it. 


Every 5-7 weeks you will pop back into the salon for your maintenance appointment. Depending on the volume of hair, your appointment can take anywhere from 45 to 75 minutes. Your stylist will remove each row and reapply the extensions on new hair. You should arrive with clean, dry hair for the best application. 

Salon Blunt extensions model

Salon Blunt is offering special pricing on extensions for appointments booked before October 31. They also offer Sezzle payment plans on all hair extension services. Check them out on Instagram and book in your consultation today! [Extensions above by Brianna]


We've had requests from cities across the country to offer our method and hair, so this is just the start of our new journey and we couldn't be more thrilled to have your support. Let us know if you want to see us in your city and you might just see us there next!

xo Janelle




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