Clip In Hair Extensions | #3 Coco


Don't you hate when your hair just feels blah? Those nights when you put that perfect outfit on and your hair doesn't quite show up to the same party? Well, our clip-in extensions can change that, girl. Imagine taking your hair from 'meh' to 'OMG YOUR HAIR LOOKS AMAZING!' in less than 20 minutes.

Our exclusive QALI Clip Ins are premium quality remy hair that are designed to be easy enough to wear every day.

  • 3¬†pieces/rows to keep things quick & simple (compared to¬†most sets which are 8-10 pieces)
  • 16" (120g) or 20" (150g) length
  • Includes a¬†biodegradable pouch that is the perfect package for you to keep your extensions in when they're not in use


When we see Coco it’s hard not to think of chocolate - this is a gorgeous medium brown shade for all of our brunette babes.