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The Evo-lution of Good Hair

The Evo-lution of Good Hair

As someone who spent years using drugstore shampoo without a bottle of conditioner in sight, one of the biggest improvements to my lazy hair routine has been investing in the right hair products. Like filling in your eyebrows, you don’t realize how much of a difference it makes until you start doing it - and then wonder what you’ve been doing your whole life until that point. 

evo x QALI

When we were deciding which retail lines to carry at QALI, evo ticked all the boxes; it was something a little different than what you could find in every other salon, it had a dedication to sustainability and eco-conscious beauty and it had great products. The packaging was also perfectly on brand with its colourful labels and cheeky descriptions (love that Aussie humour). 

QALI evo

evo®'s mission is to create innovative, salon-only products that are simple, luxurious and effective to use: to tell the truth; expose the frauds: keep the hair and beauty industry honest. 

Navigating the world of beauty products can be wild - it seems like every company claims to have the best this or the best that or some magical hair serum that will repair split ends, add 4 inches of length and get you back together with your ex. There’s nothing worse than being bombarded with pushy sales tactics to buy things you don’t need, which is why we carefully chose the product lines we sell and only recommend products that we use and love ourselves. 

QALI evo

evo products are free from sulfates, parabens, silicones and other unpronounceable chemicals found on the back of shampoo bottles - they’re also accredited PETA cruelty free and substitute synthetic ingredients with natural ones when possible. To break it down, there are no cancer-causing chemicals that can damage or suffocate your hair, they minimize their environmental impact by using naturally sourced ingredients and no cute bunnies are ever harmed. They also purchase government carbon offset credits to make up for the unavoidable carbon impact that comes with any manufacturing process. 

evo x YOU

For anyone navigating the hair care world for the first time, knowing what products to buy can be tricky - the great thing is that we use all of the products that we sell.  When you come in for a treatment we’ll use the products best suited to your hair type and what you’re looking for so you can try them out before deciding if you want to buy some to take home. 

evo products are meant to complement each other so you can create whole new products by mixing and using multiple products together. You can take a moisturizing treatment and mix it with a volumizing lotion so you get hydration as well as volume, you can mix a texturizing clay with shine drops to get hold and shine or you can mix a volumizing mousse and volumizing powder to get maximum lift and hold - the possibilities are endless.


If you come down during a busy time, one of the first things you’ll notice when you walk in is that it smells so.fricken.good in here. The word on the street is that the person who develops evo’s scents came over from Tom Ford - there’s nothing better than great looking hair that smells amazing too. I avoided using dry shampoo because I couldn’t stomach the smell of most of them, but evo has managed to create one that I really like. If the Shebang-a-bang dry spray wax was a perfume I would wear it. 

Stay tuned for most blog posts showing off our favourite products and how to use them, drop a comment if there’s anything you want to see!    

xo Alyssa

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