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The Secret to Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair

The Secret to Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair

Tired of Your Frizzy, Unmanageable Mane?

Raincouver’s winters are not a friend to frizzy hair. Dryness from indoor heating, static from scarves and sweaters and of course the relentless rain will destroy any styling done by flat ironing or blow drying 5 mins after you walk out the door. 

If you’ve lost hope and have accepted out of control frizzy hair during the winter months is just an unavoidable fate, we’re happy to say it’s not! You can twirl through the holiday season with smooth, manageable hair without having to carry around a flat iron with you everywhere you go. Fight the frizz with the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment!

What does a Smoothing Treatment Do?

Let’s start with what Cezanne doesn’t do. Cezanne is not a straightening system. It will not straighten curly/kinky hair. Cezanne also doesn’t contain formaldehyde which is found in many other smoothing treatments on the market. Finally, this treatment will not damage your hair. Having the flat iron too hot for your hair type during the final processing step is where any risk of damage may occur. Good news for you, both myself and Kim are Cezanne certified and we promise we won’t fry your hair! Because of this, it is safe to use on even the most delicate blondes.

Keratin based smoothing treatments are mainly designed to reduce frizz and smooth the hair. We’ve chosen Cezanne because of all the other amazing benefits it has to offer on top of the obvious. Cezanne works using a low pH to open the hair cuticle (outer layer) and infuse the cortex (inner layer). When the hair is flat ironed, the heat seals the cuticle and traps all the keratin goodness, smoothing your hair from the inside out. It strengthens your hair which will reduce breakage, adds incredible shine, and makes your hair more manageable in general. Blow drying will be a breeze as your hair will tangle less and dry faster, and you can air dry with no fear of that “caught-in-a-hurricane” hair. Cezanne also softens coarse, curly hair, while reducing bulk and defining natural curl. Have I sold you yet?

How long does it last?

QALI offers both the classic and express treatment. The visual results are identical, but the classic will last you 3-5 months while express lasts 5-8 weeks. Cezanne isn’t permanent and will fade out of your hair, leaving you without a line of demarcation as your hair grows. The express treatment is perfect for a first time smoother, someone who doesn’t have much time to spend in the salon, or those who frequently visit for colour services. I prefer the classic treatment for myself. I’m willing to sit for an extra hour if it means I can forget about having to do my hair for 5 months! 

What do I do once I've had it

Other smoothing treatments have a long list of aftercare rules but Cezanne doesn’t, aside from ensuring you use a sulfate free shampoo to wash your hair (read more about sulfates in my earlier “What’s Wrong with $5 Shampoo?” blog entry). Another bonus is being able to wash and colour your hair directly after the treatment, so if you’re looking for a colour refresh in addition to the Cezanne treatment we can do it all in the same session.  There’s no wait time before working out, you can wear a ponytail and use pins immediately after without leaving permanent kinks in your hair. You’re even able to curl and style your hair like normal any time after using the treatment, frizz-free of course! 

It's Worth It - Trust Me

The treatments are on the pricier side, but we like to think of it as a long term investment that saves you in the long run - you save yourself extra time getting ready in the morning and save your hair from heat damage. It’s a game changer!

Cezanne Classic

Fine Hair - $225
Regular Hair - $325
Thick Hair - $425

Cezanne Express

Fine Hair - $125
Regular Hair - $150
Thick Hair - $200

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