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How much are hair extensions?

How much are hair extensions?

Are you wondering, "How much are hair extensions?" The cost of hair extensions can vary significantly, whether you're in Vancouver, LA, Utah, Edmonton, or anywhere else! Let's delve into the factors that influence the price of this luxurious service.

You can find hair extensions that are $30 on third party websites or ones that are $3500+ at high-end hair salons. Why such a wide range you may ask? Let us explain!

The main factor is the quality of the hair!

Is it Remy Hair? 

  • Remy hair is 100% real human hair with the cuticle intact, and is the highest quality of hair extensions. We recommended this type of hair for permanent hair extensions.
  • Is it human hair or synthetic?

    • Synthetic hair is much more affordable and is composed of monofilament fibers transformed by heat to create hair-like strands to imitate the look of human hair. This type of hair cannot be dyed or heat styled

    • Is it ethically sourced?

      For top-notch permanent hair extensions, we recommend 100% real human remy hair, like our QALI hair. The average cost for permanent extensions ranges from $600 to $1800.


      Ring with hair extension color swatches ranging from blonde, red and brown shades

      For most methods the initial investment is the priciest part of hair extensions, this is the receipt we don’t show our partners or just say “don’t worry about it”. 

      Sometimes we focus on the initial costs of hair extensions but what about how much hair extensions cost yearly? This includes maintenance, re-installations, removals, how frequently you need to purchase new hair, and potential color appointment's.

      Semi-permanent methods like clip-ins or a halo will be the most affordable because there is no maintenance required and only costs the initial investment of $300-$500. Permanent extensions require maintenance generally every 5-8wks with an average cost of $100-$300 depending on the method! This brings the total yearly maintenance costs to about $1000 - $2000, not including the initial hair investment.

      We could add up the cost of getting color done on top of hair extensions but sometimes ignorance is bliss and it’s best not to know! All we know is that even with hair extensions it’s still cheaper than monthly therapy, and a hairstylist makes for a great makeshift therapist!

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