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QALI HAIR EXTENSION EDUCATION - Everything you need to know!

QALI HAIR EXTENSION EDUCATION - Everything you need to know!

Are you in search of hair extension courses and education? You may be asking yourself “what makes a good hair extension course? How much does hair extension education cost? What is the best hair extension method to learn?”

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about QALI Extensions Education and how to become certified in hair extensions!

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The QALI Method 

The QALI Method is a salon exclusive micro-weft method that requires no sewing, braiding, or glueing! Our wefts are light-weight, 100% human remy hair and ethically sourced. Along with our exclusive method, we also directly source our own QALI hair which comes in 10 beautiful shades.

With the QALI method say goodbye to multiple methods, damaging adhesives, sewing and complicated removals and hello to a simplified approach. When you take one of our hair extension courses or workshops you will not only learn the basics of our method but as well as mastering extension blending, extension coloring and extension cutting. The list could go on!

We strive to bridge the gap between taking an extension course and slowly building the confidence behind the chair with extensions. Instead we focus on everything in-between by having the opportunity for continued education and a QALI community group where you can receive support and tips & tricks and more!

Whether you are in LA, Utah, Seattle, New York, Montreal, Edmonton, Toronto or anywhere in the US or Canada you can take our extension course online or in-person in Vancouver, BC.

Let’s break down the prices of our education and help you determine which is best for you!

Online Education: $2297 CAD

Our self-paced online course that allows you to learn our method wherever you may be. Throughout the course you will learn the QALI application, all about our hair, and consultations. And more including mannequin work and live model demonstrations!

This is a jam packed workshop in the comfort of your own home! 

In-Person Workshop, Vancouver BC: $2797

2 Day Workshop In-Person workshop locally in Vancouver, BC! This is an in depth course where you will learn all about our method, application, everything you need to know about the quality of our hair and creating an inventory for yourself and clients. Plus a live model where you can put everything you learnt into action!

5 Day Intensive Workshop, Vancouver BC: $8997

Our 5 day intensive workshop is a week full of learning and mastering everything about our method and hair extensions! During this week you will have the opportunity to shadow our experienced team for 3 days, 3 live models to master installation techniques and blending one-on-one with a mentor AND 3 maintenance services!  Guaranteed to have feeling confident behind the chair and ready to take one any extension client. We don’t just stop there, you will also receive a one-on-one business mentorship session, social media and marketing workshop and extra bonuses such as liability & release waivers and more!

Ready to sign up and become certified in QALI Hair Extensions? Learn more and register here

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