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How to Take Care of Hair Extensions

How to Take Care of Hair Extensions

You have just invested in a brand new set of hair extensions! Let’s chat about how to care for your new hair extensions to get the longest longevity possible.

Let’s start at the basics! PRODUCT

Using the right product on your hair extensions is so important! At QALI, we always explain to our clients that using salon quality products on hair extensions is the best way to go. Sorry no drug store products here. Here’s a quick list of what products are in our current hair routine.


Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner 
Leave-in Conditioner
Heat Protectant
Serum / Oil 

There are so many additional products that are beneficial to hair extensions but these are the basic necessities. If you are someone that loves to do a bit more, a hair mask or other moisturizing treatments are great. Be mindful when you are purchasing different treatments to use on your hair extensions that you are not using anything with protein! You can easily have too much protein on your natural hair and hair extensions causing your hair to become dry, brittle and potentially break. 

Now that we have the products covered let’s get into a couple other tips to keep your hair looking fresh and luscious!

HAIRCUTS! Just like our natural hair, our hair extensions need a little trim every once in a while as well. Just little baby trims will help to keep your extensions looking and feeling fresh.

BRUSHING! We always ask our clients to brush their hair frequently but keep in mind to brush gently - if you are reefing at your hair multiple times a day you will cause breakage to your extensions and natural hair.

FREQUENT MAINTENANCE! The QALI Method requires maintenance every 5-7 weeks, other methods can be 8-10wks. By coming in within the suggested time frame you’re ensuring your hair extensions and natural hair remain healthy.

Join us at QALI, located in the heart of Vancouver BC for your next hair extension transformation!

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